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We Make Innovation Profitable

Innovation is both the engine that powers a company into the future as well as a company’s life insurance policy. Every innovation project is an adventure and an investment fraught with risks. As an independent management consulting firm, we optimize strategies, performance, processes, and organizational structures within a company’s “innovation and product development” process. In doing so, we help companies manage the inevitable risks and maximize their success.

3DSE Services

Strategy and Innovation

Determining the strategic focus of a company’s product development organization and range of innovations and products is key to securing the company’s future viability. 3DSE gets companies on the right course 

Engineering Performance Improvement

In order to improve the performance of their development department, company’s need to optimize the ratio of input to output. 3DSE makes the department more efficient, thereby increasing the returns from development projects.

Processes and Organization

Process and organization form the basis of high-performance product development activities. 3DSE identifies areas of potential and sustainably increases the maturity of companies’ development processes and development organizations.


Employees’ and managers’ levels of expertise play a key role in implementing efficient structures and processes. 3DSE helps you develop and expand your employees’ competencies over the long term with one-of-a-kind training programs.

Current 3DSE Publications

The current issue, "systemischer" of the 3DSE customer magazine deals with the topic of "Systems Engineering" and sheds light on the added value it can offer for product development as well as on the challenges its introduction and implementation brings. Form your own opinion of what "systemischer" means to you. more

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Table of Contents of the 3DSE customer magazine (German only)


Current 3DSE Events

The 3DSE Expert Panels Fall 2017 in Germany (17.11.) and Austria (13.10.) are currently in preparation.
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